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The Water Works Conservancy needs your support and welcomes new members, volunteers and the public. Because water is becoming one of the most important issues in the United States and the world, WWC’s educational outreach, The WWC Museum-in-a-Box and its history and educational programming are vitally important not just locally but statewide, nationwide and internationally. 

Your membership, donations, participation and volunteer work help WWC accomplish its mission: to help Bergen County preserve the Historic Hackensack Water Works and continue its important educational outreach.


WWC has a large and growing membership from Bergen County, greater New Jersey, the United States and the world. Benefits of membership include:

  • Participation in the Conservancy's Annual Meeting
             (See EVENTS for date);
  • Invitations to special events and monthly Members Evenings;

  • Discounts at WWC events and at the WWC Store; 

  • The E-Letter ARTS & HISTORY LINE, a monthly calendar of area art and history events;

  • WWC newsletters; and

  • Updates on the status of the National Historic Hackensack Water Works site, its preservation and restoration.
Membership contributions support the Conservancy's programs and serve as matching funds for government and other grants.  Membership categories are:

$25  Individual $250    Sustaining
$40  Family $500    Sponsoring
$60  Supporting $1,500  Silver River
$75  Corporate $5,000  Golden Valley
$125 Contributing $10,000 Lifetime Stream

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WWC welcomes donations of any amount and sponsorships of its programs, events and educational outreaches.  It is said that “It takes a village” to raise a child, but it takes more than a village, it takes ALL OF US to support WWC’s historic preservation efforts and educational outreach through programs and exhibits to teach our children about their past, their present and their ability to impact and shape their future.
WWC’s unique approach to telling the story of WATER through the lens of history provides children of all ages and adults with a context and a sense of the flow of history, past to future, and their place in that flow.  Your donations and sponsorships enable WWC to fulfill its mission.


No matter how small or large, your dollars will help to expand the outreach of the Water Works Conservancy, the WWC Museum, events, its educational programs and Exhibits.

Sponsor Recognition:

WWC will have a RECOGNITION PAGE on the Website that identifies all of the Sponsors. The Sponsors’ names will be featured on all publications relevant to the event sponsored -- posters, flyers, etc. The Sponsors' names will also be included in any printed materials to be distributed to the children and audience for the event. WWC will send press releases to all local papers, the Bergen Record, the Star Ledger and the NY Times NJ Section about the Sponsors' generosity. Sponsors will be invited to the opening reception for each exhibit they sponsor and to any special event which they underwrite.

Sponsorship Oppotunities:

  1. GIFTS OF THE HACKENSACK WATER WORKS award-winning book to public libraries or school libraries - $30 each

    Enables the WWC to donate a copy of its award-winning book, The Hackensack Water Works by Clifford W. Zink, to a public library or a school library. 


    This provides the mailing of a postcard to all interested members and the public informing them of events happening at the WWC Museum.  These Post Cards are printed in biodegradable inks and are part of the Green Planning of WWC.

    COST OF UNDERWRITING - $250 for each mailing


    Members Evenings are delightful evenings open to Members of WWC and the Public once a month, the fourth Thursday of each month, and include entertaining and delightful speakers, authors and book-signings on various topics relevant to the history of the Hackensack River Valley.  Each Members Evening includes a talk and usually a power point and then a social period with Wine and Cheese or other appropriate treats, during which the audience is able to mingle and ask questions of the speaker.

    COST OF UNDERWRITING   $300 for each Member's Evening


    Each $325 donation allows us to bring a docent/educator to present one of our Musem-in-a-Box programs to 3 different school groups (Approximately 180 children) in their own school, including special activities a usually a copy of the Hackensack Water Works book by Clifford Zink is donated to the school library and often the children receive their own copy to take home.


    As part of WWC's continuing "Community History," a series of workshops for families are scheduled which will guide family groups in discovering their own family history, creating their own family tree and writing their own family story.   These workshops will be limited to 40 people

    COST OF UNDERWRITING   $400 for each workshop


    Each Spring, WWC Co-Sponsors an Environmental Day– and brings a docent and other speakers to school children in both public and private schools to learn about the history of the Hackensack River Valley, the Hackensack River and environmental issues impacting the River and the Valley.

    COST OF UNDERWRITING:  $850  ( or some part thereof)


    A celebration of the seasonal return of Spring focusing on the history of the Hackensack River Valley, including, but not limited to the Lene Lenape and their return to the lower Hackensack River to fish and a commemoration of Chief Oratam, whose land grant to a Tenafly woman was then sold to a “Von Buskirk”...and you know the rest of the history leading to the establishment of the Hackensack Water Works on Van Buskirk Island. 

    COST of UNDERWRITING:  $2,000 (or some part thereof)


    Create a Museum in a Box for one of the WWC MUSEUM’s Exhibits  to allow the educational outreach to outlying and underserved school systems that , due to budget cutbacks, are unable to bring their students to the Museum.  This Support provides a “traveling Museum Exhibit” and an educator/docent to visit one school for one day and bring the “Museum” to the classroom for 5 to 6 classes.


    This will provide the funding for the illustrator, the author and the book designer to complete the design of the WWC’s new book, the History of the Hackensack River Valley, due to be published soon and aimed at 4th through 8th  grade students.

    WWC’s first book, The Hackensack Water Works by Clifford W. Zink, won both the New Jersey and the Bergen County Historic Preservation Award and was a National Book Award Nominee.Help complete this second book and provide a valuable resource for studying water, rivers and the interaction of the cultures who depend on the rivers and their water.
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Wrought Iron Staircase of Old #7 at the Historic Water Works. Photo by: Dave Frieder
Museum-in-a Box,
Exhibit Poster